Alternative Data

The fintech have made an excellent job of mining new data sources from social media, mobile transactions and trade data with examples such as Amazon. However, in our experience they have sometimes been “irresponsible” in ignoring some fundamentals of sound risk management. Creditinfo has had the pleasure of being long term friends with both parties and seeing a match made in heaven evolve!

Creditinfo provides the core repayment data to the formal financial sector, the credit bureau scores are highly predictive and have been critical in supporting banks to digitise their processes, drive efficiencies and deliver fast service.

Heading innovation with fintech and Creditinfo, data scientists combine different statistical methods to incorporate psychometric profiles, SME financials and smart phone data into usable risk assessment that enable credit decisions to be made in fractions of seconds.

Creditinfo knew from validating their algorithms in real credit providers that these worlds are not parallel universes but complementary sciences that should be employed.

Ongoing Projects

Creditinfo is currently working on Mobile Scoring projects with Barclays Bank, Alternative Circle and Creditinfo Kenya. Regarding the Alternative Data projects, there are Facebook Scoring, Digital Identification and many more in Creditinfo’s product portfolio.