Psychometric Scoring

The team at Coremetrix are specialists in psychometric scoring for risk evaluation. Over the years, Coremetrix scientists have established a strong connection between an individual’s personality type and their likely behaviour with a credit or insurance product. A team of psychologists and data scientists work closely with lenders and insurers to bring a unique form of consumer risk assessment to a worldwide market.

Mapping Psychological Traits

By mapping psychological traits to actual product performance data Coremetrix is able to build propensity models across the consumer risk lifecycle. Coremetrix helps lenders and insurers to acquire new customers who meet acceptable risk criterion, customers who may have previously been rejected – to retain and manage customers in a more appropriate way – and to optimise the consumer journey from acquisition through account management to potential distress situation.

Using non traditional assessment methods Creditinfo and Coremetrix Clients increase accept rates without increasing defaults or claims, increase customer profitability by enabling an improved service and cut costs by optimising collections strategies. Consumers worldwide are being financially enabled due to Coremetrix’s fair method of assessment which is based on who they really are not what they have done in the past.