Model Development

We offer highly predictive validated models maximising the discriminatory power of the data available for the development. However, this can only be achieved from understanding the environment where the model will be applied.

Our experienced consultants manage the whole development process, so we can make the correct exclusions, apply business rules and choose the appropriate dependent variable.

Our goal is to find the optimum combination of charateristics to construct a balanced and predictive model which makes good business sense. Score points are calculated by a unique formula developed by Creditinfo and are estimated by logistic transgression to maximise the predictive power of the the resulting model.  The model is subject to expert judgement and extensively validated and tested to ensure it can be fully accepted into your organisation.

We understand that the environment and the market continuously evolve, new data sources become available, new products appear, etc. Thus, we have created services that include on-going annual reviews to monitor the quality of the models and fine-tune them when necessary. Documentation of all the key processes is essential to make the development process clear and comprehensive. It is also a requirement to meet the standards of internal and external audit, particularly to meet the Basel II IRB standards where appropriate.

Made for Purpose Model Development Software and Consultancy Support

Many organisations are moving to internal development of Risk Models which can provide a bank independence and full utilisation of internal knowledge.  It also has a risk of a high reliance on a small number of experts with a high market value. We offer their made for purpose Credit Modelling Software which we can offer in Joint Development agreements. Therefore, organisations have the independence to develop models themselves while knowing there is an international risk management organisation with skilled resource to support them and provide overflow resource when necessary.

Model Audit

In providing on-going support and audit of internal models, from a best practice or Basel II perspective, we perform a review of the scorecards in place, the documentation available on the models and generated as a a result of the development process. We will create a review report to indicate the quality and consistency of the scorecards and provide recommendations for process improvements.

We offer full range of models: from scorecard development, Credit Bureau ratings, risk estimates required for Basel II IRB to marketing prospecting and churn model.