Transformation from 0% to 70% Automated Decisions


The credit bureau had just become established in Ukraine and our client needed to automate their loan on boarding and decision process. This would allow them to substantially increase the customer base and deliver efficiencies in the operations. Since data is central to good credit decisions, they wanted to integrate application data, internal data and credit bureau data to make better decisions, where the decisions were historically regional they wanted to centralise this process.

A significant transformation of the business processes that needed to occur without interrupting the day to day business.


Creditinfo created the support to change the credit decision environment. We delivered application processing systems, decision analytic consultancy and support, credit scorecards. Deliver was not a one off approach, however, working closely and regularly reviewing the policy rules, credit limits and referrals the quality of decisions was incrementally improved over time.


  • The bank centralised all its decisions enhancing considerable the control over decisions.
  • The percentage of decisions made automatically went from 0% to 70% over 3 year period.
  • The average bad debt losses as a percentage of new loans dropped by over 50%.
  • The local team after training and knowledge transfer increased their independence and management of the process over time.
  • Creditinfo provided an initial expert scorecard, which was reviewed and amended on a small manually captured sample.
  • Post implementation the decision process, scorecard and strategies was reviewed on a quarterly basis.
  • Workshops were held with the risk management team and recommendations presented to the executive
  • Changes made to data captured, process efficiency (egcertain time consuming checks removed for low risk), business rules and cut-offs.